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So I did a quick doodle of Faebelle and her newfound friend 'Feathers' between classes a few days back and finally got around to coloring it.

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On the event "Love is in the Air",

I waited two weeks to get a flower for my hair.

And then it dropped, A gorgeous bloom.

I danced with joy inside my room.

The finishing touch to my glimmering gown.

With haste I ran to the transmog in town.

To transmog my helm to a luminous rose.

That's when my heart was burdened with woes.

Despite being blue, it could not be transmogrified.

My dreams were all dashed as I broke down and cried.

So I come to you forums in my moment of need.

To resolve this issue without delay in speed.

That we all may don our singular perfect rose.

And end this QQ tale penned in purplish prose.

~Love Faebelle

PS: Support the movement to make Forever-Lovely Rose transmogrifiable here:


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Chapter V: Love Dream

Some time just before dawn, when the sky was cast in a paler purple hue than night’s grasp generally allowed, Villaed stirred from his slumber. Glowing embers still crackled and popped at the bottom of the dying campfire they had set the night before. However, a quick glance over the clearing was all he needed to know something was amiss. Where was Faebelle? Her sleeping roll lied empty and rumpled but she was no where in sight. Tying his cracked leather boots on, he started out into the woods. Faebelle wouldn’t just wander off by herself without good reason; She knew what hunted them. In numbers they were safe; alone they were vulnerable. He tried to keep irrational fears from taking hold. After all, how would it help Fae if she were actually in danger if he were in a panic. In fact she may not even be in danger at all. Perhaps she fancied a midnight drink and he just happened to awake at that moment. That would have been the most logical conclusion to come to. That was the conclusion he wanted to come to. Yet all his instincts told him something was just not right.

Something was terribly wrong. It had only been a few minutes since he left camp, yet none of the surrounding forest looked familiar. A vision of a demure smile flashed in his mind. Clenching his jaw with determination, he stood stoically still. Some sort of witchcraft was at play. Twitching his long, azure ears he remained perfectly still, trying to detect any sound or abnormality in the woods. Another vision flashed in his mind; This time accompanied by an inaudible whisper. Dazzling, emerald green eyes looking up at him to sparkle in the light before falling under the curtain of long, feathered lashes. The image was almost so beautiful it made his knees weak. That’s when he felt the unmistakable sensation of a presence nearby. Craning his neck to peer deeper into the woods, an eery light illuminated the trees behind him.

Like a wave cresting the shore, the sense of fear and apprehension washed the color out of his face as he looked into her eyes. It was Faebelle. But not as he had ever recalled seeing her. Her flaxen locks of blonde had been swept up into a bun that sparkled like a heaven full of stars. Crystaline tear drop pearls draped across her slender neck and milky white shoulders. The most opulent, semi transparent gown he had ever seen hung off her shoulders, fluttering in the air as if billowed by a strong gust in the still night. By far the most peculiar abnormality to the girl he had thought himself acquainted, were the incandescent wings that flittered slowly from her shoulder blades. Looking down, he noticed that her toes were hovering inches from the Earth. It wasn’t till he looked into her beautiful luminous eyes that he saw the truth. This woman was more than the lost, shivering child he had spent the past week with. This was the woman as a whole, in her entirety with knowledge of the ages and worlds beyond restored with her memory. This was a true creature of the Fae.

“Villaed.” she whispered; Her voice was soft, almost weak with that same innocent quality he found himself growing to love. Cautiously, he took a step closer. The truth was he yearned to race to her and embrace her in his arms and tell her just how beautiful and special she was to him. Yet he refrained. “What is this?” he asked in awe and wonder. A smile tugged at her full, pink lips. “This is part of the dream world. A world between worlds.” She gestured about with her hands before setting her lovely eyes upon him.

Descending to the ground, her bare toes touched the forest floor as she walked towards him. Every step closer made his heart race as he stared in disbelief. Was this real? He couldn’t believe feelings like this could burn with such fire and merely be a dream. Standing before him, he found his resolve weaken as he swept his arms around her, drawing her glowing, lithe body to his. Her tiny fingers curled around his hair as she returned the embrace, her fairy wings humming in delight. For a dream, she felt so warm and tender, her tiny heart beating, her bated breath tantalizing his neck. Taking a moment to gaze into those perfect eyes, he tilted his head and passionately kissed her pink, parted lips. The sensation was sheer ecstasy: A moment that felt as if it could stop time itself as the warm delight overtook all senses. Since he had met the young blood elf, he’d thought of little else than tasting those dreamy lips and here he was: His body locked to hers enjoying the pure bliss of her simple kiss. As their lips parted, he groaned softly wanting more. A simple, sincere smile played over her porcelain face as her fingers caressed his cheek. He’d do anything to be like this with her forever. He never imagined he could feel so good and at peace; That he could ever want someone or something as much as he wanted to be with this little fairy now. Now that he had found her, he would never give up on her.

“I….”his voice trembled as if he owed her a magnanimous vow of faith after such a life altering moment. “Shhhhhhhsh” she hushed with a slender finger pressed to his lips. “I have to go now.” Such a direct, stunning statement yet barely even a whisper. No,no, no he thought. He’d do anything to stay here in this moment for the rest of time. Dream world or not, it was much better than anything he imagined in the world before. This was the authentic heaven. His knees felt weak at the thought of leaving her sight. “This is too perfect.” Villaed begged. “Please don’t leave. I need you. We can stay here in the dream realm together. We can be happy. Don’t leave me. Please Faebelle.” She just smiled that simple smile of hers and caressed the side of his face in response. Nuzzling against her hand, he felt her losing corporeal form. The angelic face he was so fixated on turned transparent as she gazed up at him with those wide, adoring eyes.”Help my waking form remember, My Love….and we won’t need a dream to be together.”

He had been so fixated on the beautiful Fae, that he hadn’t noticed the shift in the realm about them. Thunderous cracks tore trees in half in the distance as he felt the entire realm being leveled back into the earth. A particularly loud boom turned his attention away for a split second. By the time his eyes returned to Faebelle, she was a mere vapor in the dark desperately trying to cling to his hand. Before his very eyes, she faded away. Feeling the tears brimming his eyes, he shook his head as if to shake them away. She was still out there and she needed him. Giving into despair would only make things worse. The very structure of the dream itself was collapsing into dust now. Even the ground beneath his feet was giving way. Trying to find footing, Villaed struggled a moment to no avail. The ground beneath him crumbled and he felt the long plunge of his body falling into nothingness.

It fell as if he might drop into hell itself. His ears popping from the rapid altitude decline, the end would come any second. Bracing for the impact of his body slamming into the ground, he was startled awake. Every muscle in his body tensed as if it had just experienced a free fall back into his own body. Morning had completely awaken the forest clearing now. Birds chirped their cheerful morning song as squirrels skittered about the dappled morning light on the forest floor. That familiar panic swelled up as he looked to see if Faebelle was still asleep. She wasn’t there. Her bed roll lay strewn across the clearing in a heap. Alarm set in as he called out for her. The birds chirped and fluttered but no answer from Faebelle. That magical twilight in his dream was more than a mere vision. He could feel that with every bone in his body; And not just the one that yearned to take a long swim through her secret fish forest. There were many times in Villaed’s long life where he would ponder over whether or not he was actually experiencing love. This one put them all to shame. Without a doubt, he was completely, irrevocably and madly in love with Faebelle. He would do anything to help her. First he had find her again. As long as he lived and had any say in it, no harm would come to her.


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